About Us

Integrating patient iPSC -derived brain organoid disease models with cutting-edge computational tools of deep-learning and network medicine to transform CNS drug discovery.

Patient Inspired,

Discovering and developing breakthrough medicines for complex neurological diseases.

Precision medicine approach

Genetically validated targets that drive human disease biology.

Experienced team

BrainStorm is led by an experienced team of neuroscientists, stem cell biologists, and drug developers.

Proprietary Technology

We de-risk clinical translation using patient biology, biomarker-based screening, and advanced data analytics.

AI/ML powered

Leveraging deep learning and network medicine.

Our Mission

To discover and develop breakthrough medicines for complex neurological disorders by integrating patient-derived iPSC models of brain disease, biomarker-based screening, and the computational tools of deep learning and network medicine to drive successful clinical outcomes faster at a reduced cost.

Our Team

BrainStorm is led by an experienced team of drug hunters, neuroscientists, and stem cell biologists with a shared strategic vision to transform CNS drug discovery by leveraging a robust discovery engine combining human biology with the power of machine learning.

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