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BrainStorm Therapeutics

Accelerating and de-risking the discovery of breakthrough medicines for complex neurological disorders.

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Transforming Neuroscience Drug Discovery and Development.

Utilizing patient biology, biomarker-based screening, and advanced data analytics to de-risk clinical translation.

Innovative approach

“Human-first” patient-derived brain organoid platform bridging the translational valley of death.


A Proprietary Platform

Leveraging human patient iPSC-derived models of brain disease and the computational tools of deep learning and network medicine to identify therapeutic candidates that halt, prevent, or reverse synaptic network dysfunction and

Clinically Translatable Screening Endpoints

Identify, validate, and de-risk targets and screening hits across multiple disease-relevant endpoints.

Human Powered CNS Drug Discovery

Patient-inspired, ML/AI-powered.

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CNS drug discovery needs a paradigm shift

The underperformance of widely used preclinical models for predicting drug efficacy and safety.

The late introduction of human biology in the R&D process leads to high failure and cost.

Our Science

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Our Science

Patient-derived brain organoids are a powerful platform for CNS drug discovery.

Brain Organoids

Living, self-organized 3D structures derived from human iPSCs that mimic human brain tissue and exhibit highly synchronized and spontaneous synaptic network activity.

Biomarker-based Screening Endpoints

Capture robust and reproducible clinically translatable disease phenotypes that are amenable to multiple screening applications and high-content imaging.

De-risking Clinical Translation

Accelerate the generation of human efficacy and safety data, early in the R&D process, resulting in safer and more effective clinical candidates, enhancing clinical translation.

FDA Modernization Act 2

Recognizes that human brain organoids provide a more accurate and reliable evaluation of drug efficacy and safety reducing the reliance on animal work.

Our Science

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