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BrainStorm Therapeutics

Accelerating and de-risking the discovery of breakthrough medicines for complex neurological disorders.

CNS drug discovery needs a paradigm shift

The underperformance of widely used preclinical models for predicting drug efficacy and safety.

The late introduction of human biology in the R&D process leads to high failure and cost.

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Our Science

Patient-derived brain organoids are a powerful platform for CNS drug discovery.

Brain Organoids

Living, self-organized 3D structures derived from human iPSCs that mimic human brain tissue and exhibit highly synchronized and spontaneous synaptic network activity.

Biomarker-based Screening Endpoints

Capture robust and reproducible clinically translatable disease phenotypes that are amenable to multiple screening applications and high-content imaging.

De-risking Clinical Translation

Accelerate the generation of human efficacy and safety data, early in the R&D process, resulting in safer and more effective clinical candidates, enhancing clinical translation.

FDA Modernization Act 2

Recognizes that human brain organoids provide a more accurate and reliable evaluation of drug efficacy and safety reducing the reliance on animal work.

Our Science

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